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Raceceiver Element

Raceceiver Element



  • USB Charge Cable
  • Holster

The RACEceiver Element has the same preprogrammed 1600 UHF channels or frequencies that all RACEceivers have so it can be used at tracks where the RACEceiver is mandated.  And because it is Water Resistant & Dust Resistant, it can be used in wet and dirty environments, perfect for boating, kayaking or extreme offroad adventures.

The Element takes everything you love about the Raceceiver Classic Fusion+ and just improves it with a long lasting rechargeable battery and water & dust resistance. 

Pre programmed channels, just dial up the channel you need and go racing! 

Save $ with a headphone package!

Fully charges in about 4 hrs giving you up to 24hrs of battery life. 

Race officials broadcast directly to drivers

  • Allowing faster line-ups and restarts
  • Instant notifications of track conditions

Coaches provide instant feedback

  • Improving skills & overall performance
  • Motivating with supportive statements for good performance