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Back to Back! Tanner Holmes Wins Second Straight RBO Main Event!

After picking up the victory during Points Race #2 at the Red Bluff Outlaws, Tanner Holmes was already experiencing the thrill of victory. After another Victory during Points Race #3 he has now proved he is a full force to be reckoned with this Winter.

The night began with Time Trials for the field of 34 karts. Tanner would time in 10th quick in the Factory QRC #18T with a Lap Time of 8.581 seconds around the Pauline Davis Pavilion. Although that wasn’t good enough to lock him into the Trophy Dash, it was still good enough to earn him a chunk of points and a third position starting spot for his upcoming Heat Race.

When the Green Flag flew on the 8 Lap Heat Race Tanner was scheduled to start in the third position. However, due to a failed attempt at the start by the original front row, Tanner would start from the Pole Position. He would get the advantage on the start and drove away to pick up the Victory in Heat Race #5. That would lock him into the Main Event, giving him and the team plenty of time to get the kart ready to go for the upcoming 25 Lap Feature Event.

When the field rolled onto the racetrack for the 25 Lap Main Event Tanner took his starting position in the 7th position. At the drop of the Green Flag Tanner quickly went to work behind the wheel as he slotted himself into that 7th position early on. Around Lap 5 is when Tanner made his first big move of the race as he got by Tyler Seavey and Ren Eberhart within one lap to move into the top five. With thirteen laps complete Tanner was finally able to work past the #35 of Carsen Perkins to move into the fourth position just before the yellow flag came out to bunch up the field. With twelve laps to go he would restart in the fourth position. Tanner got a huge restart as he made quick work of the #9B of Brandon LaChance in Turn One to move to third. He then drove under Jake Park in Turn Three to move himself into the second position. It would now come down to another battle between himself and the #1C of Chase Hill. The two have been going at it each race already this season and have already established somewhat of a rivalry between them. Hill would not relinquish the top spot easily as the two battled bumper to bumper. The persistence paid off for Tanner though as he finally was able to get by the #1C on Lap 20 to take over the race lead. He would pull away with the race lead. As he came off of turn four to get the White Flag, instead he saw the Yellow Flag waving as a kart had crashed in Turn One. Tanner would have to survive two Green, White, Checkered restarts, but he would continue to prove to be the best kart on the racetrack as he drove to his second consecutive victory in the Factory QRC #18T.

After three Points Races, Tanner still sits third in the Championship Points Standings. He is just 12 points behind Chase Hill and Jake Park who are tied for the Points Lead. Tanner will go for his third win in a row this Saturday night. A feat that hasn’t been accomplished since November of 2013 when Mike Wheeler won three in a row. None of this would be possible without the support of great sponsors including: Factory QRC, Burris Racing, Durst Inc., JET Fitness, and Kevin Sharrah Designs

Red Bluff Outlaws Season at a Glance

Starts: 3

Fast Times: 0

Heat Wins: 1

Dashes Made: 2

Dash Wins: 0

Mains Made: 3

Main Event Wins: 2

Top 5: 2

Top 10: 2

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